My Healthy Movie Snacks: Pre Op Diet

These healthy movies snacks are low in calories and sugar and fit within my pre-gastric sleeve surgery (Optifast diet) guidelines!

Going to the movies with my boyfriend is something we do on the regular. Date nights at Hoyts Luxe with hot delicious food served to us throughout the movie while cuddling on the love seat reclines was our go-to. With my change in diet and limitations being put on the foods I can eat, we’d have to change this up a little bit and find new healthy snacks that fit within my guidelines.

These are the snacks I took over the two times Jay and I went to the movies. All these items were bought from the supermarket downstairs as they were spontaneous trips.

Antipodes Sparkling Water, Easy Fruit Fruit Snack & Double D’s Sugar Free Jelly Rounds

This was very much a rush and try and find what I could have. I love antipodes water so I got their sparkling water but 100% needed a straw. I loved the fresh fruit – this was cut up apple, pineappple, grapes, melon and equated to about 1 cup. I shared this with my boyfriend and it was so delicious! It gave with a little spork and everything was cut up into bite sized pieces making it a perfect snack. We also took the Sugar Free Jelly Rounds with us which were highly addictive. This was the first and last time I bought them. I ate 75% of the packet by myself. I’d recommend the drops instead as they take a lot longer to eat than these which can be devoured so quickly. They also have a slight laxative effect which isn’t helpful at the movies if you’re overly sensitive to that.

Coke Zero & A Punnet Of Blueberries

I had this snack combo and decided to keep it super simple with a punnet of blueberries (around 1/2 cup) and a coke zero. I love coke zero and it’s what I would normally have at the movies so it felt a little more normal. The blueberries were so delicious and tasted like little balls of sweetness so I really enjoyed them. As we bought these from the supermarket, they were both chilled straight out of the fridge.

I only went to the movies twice throughout my 3 week pre op gastric sleeve diet however there are a range of other snacks that are within the guidelines and could be taken to the movies.

Other Great Movie Snack Options

Drinks could include sugar-free and low calorie drinks such as Coke Zero, Sprite Zero, Sparkling Water or Poweraid Zero. You could also bring your own drinks such as miso soup, Weight Watchers Lemon & Lime cordial or Thriftee.

Food snacks could include things such as fresh fruit, canned fruit in clear juice, vegetable sticks with a low calorie dip or sugar-free lollies from Double D – they have a range of marshmallows, jelly rounds and fruit or butterscotch drops. I personally have enjoyed having 4 of the marshmallows cut into quarters and chopping a Optifast Chocolate Protein Bar into pieces and snacking on this as a healthier alternative.



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  1. 6th February, 2019 / 2:51 am

    Fruit is always a good snack

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