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Have a question exercise related? See below for all the answers.

After getting a lot of questions regarding exercise, I thought I’d make a resource page that has all the Q&A’s I’m asked that are exercise related. I’ll add to here if there are any unanswered questions.

How long did you wait until exercising after surgery?

I waited 2 months post op before going into a gym and doing exercise again. I was very fatigued in the first few weeks so I waited until I was strong enough to walk around the house without getting dizzy before even thinking of stepping into a gym.

How many times a week did you workout at the start?

At the 2 month mark, I booked in with a personal trainer for a 30 minute session once per week. I did that consistently for around 2 months following that so from 2 months to 4 months. I had tried a few times doing 2 x 30 minute sessions but it was too much for me.

How often do you workout now?

From the 4 month mark I changed personal trainers and found one that was more suitable to my needs in a smaller more private gym. I booked in 2 x 30-45 minute sessions with her per week and have been doing that ever since.

Do you focus mainly on cardio or strength exercises?

Honestly, every session is different and that’s what I love about personal trainers. This is their job and if you find the right one, it’s also their passion so not only are they an expertise in the field but they also want to have the best results possible. I’m not a fan of cardio and prefer strength and stability exercises but my personal trainer mixes it up and makes it fun for me.

Where do you workout and who is your trainer?

I work out with Hayley at The Exercise Room in Parnell. She owns the gym and we went to school together so it’s nice having someone you trust and who has known you over the years.



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