Jelly Tip July Creations

This month chefs from well known Auckland eateries Depot, Giapo Haute Ice Cream and The Food Truck Garage have developed their own Jelly Tip creations for their customers. The classic Jelly Tip is a combination of creamy Tip Top vanilla ice cream, delicious raspberry flavoured jelly and chocolate and each chef used the elements of jelly, ice cream and chocolate for their own creations. As part of #jellytipjuly I went on a little scavenger hunt to try out their creations for myself.

Depot Eatery

Using the iconic New Zealand flavour of hokey pokey home made ice cream along with passionfruit jelly between a biscuit crumb, all encased in a dark chocolate shell, Al Brown reinvents his Jelly Tip creation authentic to Jelly Tip and New Zealand.  This dessert was my favourite so fingers crossed they keep this one the menu. In the case that they don’t, I’d recommend you get down there now to try it as soon as you can so you can experience the deliciousness for yourself. This Jelly Tip inspired dessert is available at Depot Eatery & Oyster Bar throughout July for only $8.


Giapo Haute Ice Cream

Giapo took on the Jelly Tip challenge with the most glorious creation that I was in awe of. Starting off with a waffle cone dipped in delicate cry dark chocolate from Sao Tome and hand decorated with swirls, the inside of the cone is then coated with dark chocolate and filled with creamy vanilla ice cream created using the plumpest of vanilla pods sourced in Tonga by Heilala. To me, these cones are like a luxurious version of a Tip Top trumpet. A 3D printer was used to create silicon moulds to make jelly to reminiscent a raspberry. The jelly was made with raspberry and paired with the award winning Saint Claire, Pioneer Block 3, Sauvignon Blanc. This sits on top of the cone, the inside filled with white chocolate and more delicious vanilla ice cream. Giapo’s Jelly Tip ice cream is $20 each, only available to 18+ and is available from Giapo Haute Ice Cream until the end of this month.


The Food Truck Garage

The Food Truck Garage is all about creating healthy versions of New Zealand’s favourite guilty treats. Head chef, Bryan McGuyer has created two versions. Jelly Tip Sundae which has been added to their various other sundae flavours. The Jelly Tip Sundae is a probiotic frozen yoghurt with chia seed jelly topped with chocolate and cherries. I love this concept! For those daring and looking for something a little more savoury try out the Jelly Tip Salad which looks nearly identical to the sundae. A combination of baby beetroot, vanilla goat’s whip, raspberry vincotto, cacao nibs and freeze-dried raspberries served in a Sundae glass will have you fooled. The Jelly Tip Salad is $8 and the Jelly Tip Sundae is $6.50 is available until the end of July at The Food Truck Garage.

Let me know below which Jelly Tip creation you’d most like to try!



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