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I was delighted to find I Love Pies in Farro when visiting Auckland. I was taken by the gorgeous and creative aesthetics of the packaging and knew I had to learn more. Although my food is usually influenced by a ketogenic and/or paleo lifestyle I will at times find myself craving things off plan. I believe that if you’re going to wholesale jerseys eat off plan, eat the cleanest version of the meal possible cheap mlb jerseys and go for the better option. What I discovered was that these gems contain ingredients like you’d find Restaurant in your kitchen at home – free range meat, fresh vegetables and herbs, no preservatives. The pastry is also made from scratch using real butter and sour cream. In this post I’m sharing with you I Love Pies two Angus Beef small pie variations. I picked both these pies up at my local Countdown Supermarket in New Plymouth.


The thing I adore the most about these pies is their incredible taste and the quality of the ingredients used. Not only is the meat filling in both pies substantial but the flavours are delicious! The signature pastry heart on top of each pie reminds me of the handcrafted pies my Grandma would make leaving a sense of homemade. I’m a Kundendialog family of one and often the labour of making my own pie can be quite tedious. I find these single serves are perfect for a quick and easy meal as all you need to do is pop them in Your the preheated 180° C oven to heat cheap nba jerseys for 20 Throwing minutes. These pies have been my go-to treat to satisfy my cravings of heading down to Jerseys the bakery as the winter chill comes in. They’re a much better alternative than a quick fix drive thru at Maccas. You obviously have to limit your consumption of these and can’t have them on a daily basis otherwise you’ll soon find it a wee difficult to get out of the front door.

Angus Beef Mince & Mozzarella

This is definitely guaranteed tummy satisfier – especially for Sawadee us kiwis. It’s hard to resist a good mince and cheese pie, especially when they’ve turned gourmet with Angus Beef Mince & Mozzarella. This pie is filled with tasty Angus beef mince, cracked black pepper and vegetables, topped with mozzarella cheese. The beef in this pie has been ground finely to provide a silky texture combined with the melted mozzarella that oozes out. If you like delicate flavours with a traditional pie feel then this one is for you.

Angus-Beef-Mince-&-Mozzarella-I-Love-Pies-Single-Serve-Ari-Eats I-Love-Pies-Single-Angus-Mince-Mozzarella

Angus Beef Steak & Rosemary

My personal favourite comes in the form of hearty steak chunks coated in a delicious gravy rich enough to tame the hunger of the most avid meat lover. This pie is filled with slow cooked tender Angus beef steak with a hint of rosemary. I love how uncomplicated this pie is. It’s real, simple and hearty – perfect for the winter. I’d eat these once a week if I could! If you like the taste of real chunks of meat in your pie then this is pie for you! I left this pie in the oven for a little bit longer (35 minutes) – I may or may not have forgotten about it. I think I actually prefer it like this. The pastry was crisp, flaky, yet still soft.

Angus-Steak-&-Rosemary-I-Love-Pies I-Love-Pies-Angus-Steak-&-RosemaryHave you tried the Chocolate single serve I Love Pies yet? If so, let me know cheap jerseys what you think of them below and if not, let me know what you’d like In to see these pies filled with!





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