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My family are huge lovers of pies and after seeing my blog post I Love Pies – Meal For One they were all eager to try the I Love Pies range. A month or so ago when in Auckland I caught up with the team at I Love Pies and they kindly gave me a selection of their pies to take home to share with my family. I chose three of their Family Pies and paired them three different accompaniments that I thought best complimented the flavours.

My parents use to buy the Irvine’s Pie range for my younger siblings which made me cringe. The Irvine’s range is crammed with nasty additives you want to stay away from unlike the I Love Pies range which contains real ingredients like you’d find in your kitchen at home – free range meat, fresh vegetables and herbs, no preservatives. The pastry is also made from scratch using real butter and sour cream. It’s a unanimous decision that I Love Pies is now a family favourite, here to stay!

Angus Beef Mince & Mozzarella Cheese

Mince & Cheese pie is a widely loved kiwi classic. This flavour was very popular in my household and was devoured within minutes. Nestling inside this pie you’ll find Tasty Angus beef mince, cracked black pepper and vegetables among the hunks of mozzarella cheese. The addition of real mozzarella cheese makes this pie just that little bit more special. As you can see from the photos below, the mozzarella just oozed out when I cut into it – yum! The first time I had this pie I paired it with Heston Blumenthal’s Thrice Cooked Chips. As we all know Mince & Cheese pie and fries make the perfect duo and I can guarantee you that this combo tastes better and than a Georgie Pie combo. Ever since I’ve always made Oven Roasted Kumara (Sweet Potato) Chips for a healthier alternative.


Free Range Chicken, Leek & Mustard

If you’re a chicken lover and enjoy the taste of a hearty chicken soup then this is the pie for you. The combination of tender pieces of free-range chicken, sautéed leek with Dijon mustard and a hint of thyme encased in hand-made pastry really showcases the unique character of this chicken pie making it a stand out. I’m not the biggest fan of chicken pie the same way I’m not the biggest fan of chicken burgers – it just doesn’t feel all that authentic to me – however I did enjoy it. I paired this pie with my Simple Slaw (Paleo Coleslaw) recipe as you can never go wrong with the duo of chicken and slaw. The slaw gives the creaminess of the chicken pie added texture with a fresh tangy crunch.


Angus Beef Steak & Caramelised Red Onion

This pie is my favourite of the lot. The flavours are delicious and a little more mature than your traditional steak pie. I feel like this pie is more suited to an adult palette, perfect for a Sunday lunch with friends accompanied by a glass of wine. The Angus beef steak is slow cooked until tender and combined with red onion caramelised in brown sugar and balsamic vinegar with a hint of rosemary. I paired this pie with my Cauliflower Mash recipe which is my favourite alternative to potato mash – you’ll have everyone fooled. For a lighter approach you could alternatively make a side salad. A few weeks ago we had a work lunch and Mum served a slice of this pie with a gorgeous home-made fresh spring salad of mesclun, goats feta, cherry tomatoes and a light balsamic vinaigrette.

I-Love-Pies-Angus-Beef-Steak-&-Caramelised-Red-OnionAngus-Beef-Steak-Caramelised-Red-Onion-I-Love-Pies-Cauliflower-Mash-Ari-EatsHave you tried the I Love Pies Family Feeds range? I’d love to know which ones you’ve tried and what you like to pair your pies with. Let me know in the comments below.




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