Dinner at Sawadee Ponsonby

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My overall rating: 4/5


Last week I was invited to a dinner at Sawadee which was hosted by Zomato. Zomato are an online restaurant search and discover service which is proving to be one of the best directories out there right now. The user friendly site also allows you to create your own profile and document your food journey by reviewing and checking into restaurants. Active users to Zomato are invited and there’s always a new combination of people who attend.

For this meet-up, there were 12 users invited to dinner at Sawadee. I knew only knew two girls there so it was nice to be able to interact with new faces. For this meal we were all sharing the dishes. We would serve ourselves from the larger plates on the table to our smaller plates which allowed us to sample a variety restaurants dishes. Sawadee showcased a selection of their best dishes for us to try.


First out were what was described on the menu as Thai Style Fresh Spring Roll (Poh Pia Sod). These rice paper rolls are filled with fresh vegetables along with boiled strips of chicken and shrimp. They were accompanied by two sauces. The red/orange colour sauce to me replicated sweet chilli sauce whereas the browner one had similarities to a honey soy flavouring. I liked both and enjoyed this dish quite a lot. The freshness of this was a delicious introduction to Thai food. 

Also bought out was a dish described on the menu as Northern Thai Style Spicy Pork Sausage (Sai Aua) along with the Marinated Pork Skewers (Moo Ping). The pork sausage was incredibly delicious and full of flavour however the pork skewer seemed to be lacking and I didn’t feel that it showcased any unique Thai flavours.


As for the mains, these had me really excited. The first dish that caught my attention was Mixed Steamed Seafood in Fresh Coconut (Hormok Talay Ma Prawn Orn). This was so beautifully presented with the mixture of seafood in a red curry broth served straight from within the coconut. The mix contained prawns, squid, scallops and snapper fillet along with Thai herbs and young coconut. This replicated my favourite dish – seafood chowder – with its coconut cream taste and perfectly cooked seafood. I really liked how it showcased Thai flavours. It was my favourite dish from the night – I found myself constantly reaching for more!

I added the Crispy Snapper Flaks Salad (Yum Pla Foo) to my plate which was a very interesting dish. Pieces of snapper were coated in batter and fried together like a crispy pancake. It was airy and light. The snapper was hard to taste at times but it was like the delicious ends of battered fish where you just get a hint of fish and lots of crispy batter.

Then there was the Casseroled Prawns with Glass Noodles (Goong Ob Woonsen). These were served in a beautiful clay pot with the glass noodles sitting at the bottom and the baked prawns on top. The prawns were still in their shells without their heads which I found to enjoy better. I broke apart the shell with my hands and the meat inside was perfectly cooked. The prawn meat was soft and melted in my mouth.

You can follow my food journey on Zomato here. Be sure to comment with your username below so I can check out your profile too.


Sawadee Logo

Sawadee Thai Cuisine
42A Ponsonby Road
Ponsonby, Auckland
09 376 0320

Sawadee on Facebook

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