Birthday Dinner at LOOP

My overall rating: 5/5

Last week, it was my boyfriend’s birthday. He’s currently following a low carb diet so when it came to treating him to a birthday dinner, I didn’t want to compromise his diet and have him overindulge so I took him to LOOP Dining, a restaurant known for having a predominantly low carb menu. I wasn’t intending on taking photos of the evening but I had my SLR in my bag and snapped a few shots.

We started the evening off with a complimentary shot of celeriac soup which both has us licking our lips. We most likely would have ordered a whole bowl if it were any other occasion. Jay loves red wine so he chose this bottle of Yealands Estate Pinot Noir 2013 which we enjoyed throughout the evening. It was a delicious wine and a definite recommendation.

Yealands Wine at LOOP Eatery

We started the evening with entrees. Jay and I both ordered the Bacon & Eggs – Crispy Pork Belly, Chorizo Scotch Quails Egg, Peas, Celeriac + Apple (LCHF, GF, DFO). I would say that this dish is LOOP’s signature dish as it was recommended by friends and staff to try. I had already seen photos of it on social media from friend’s visits so I knew how beautiful it looked. The dish was definitely a lot smaller than I expected and I probably wouldn’t recommend it if you were hungry. I was fascinated by the different elements that came together to make this dish a masterpiece. From the triangle pork crackling to the precision of the squares of pork belly to the softness of the yolk of the quail egg incased in the chorizo meat. It was so tasty but I found myself savouring every bite and wish there had been more on the plate.

Bacon-And-Eggs-LOOP-EateryBacon and Eggs LOOP Restaurant Close UpMain

Jay and I found ourselves salivating over the choice of mains and no doubt we would have been satisfied with any of the dishes. I chose to go with my favourite meat – lamb – and ordered the Oil Poached Lamb Rump (LCHF, GFO) – Aubergine, Harissa Lamb Shank Pastilla, Beetroot, Courgette, Roast Jus, Labne. I can’t even describe how in awe of this dish I am and it’s probably the best dish I’ve ever had at a restaurant – ever! The lamb rump still had the fat on which I was so happy about. Not only is it my favourite part but there’s so much flavour in it! It was cooked perfectly. The meat was soft and rare, just how I like it. My favourite part of this dish would have had to have been the Harissa Lamb Shank Pastilla. This was pretty much like a pulled lamb sausage roll and I could not think of anything more scrumptious!

Lamb Rump LOOP Restaurant Kingsland
Lamb Rump Loop Restaurant Kingsland
Jay went with beef and ordered the Eye Fillet – Stick Short Rib, Celeriac Fondant, Truffled Kale, Horseradish Cream (LCHF, GF, DFO). Although Jay ate most of this, being the sweet boyfriend he is, he did let me try out each element for myself. It was equally as delicious and my favourite element to the dish was the eye fillet. Something about beautiful cuts of meat cooked perfectly just does it for me. It was delicious with the horseradish cream and kale too.

LOOP Restaurant Dessert

Jay didn’t want dessert but I had already arranged for his dessert to have candles in them – the staff we so friendly and happy to do this for me. I ordered the LCHF Tiramisu served with Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies (LCHF, GF) which the staff bought out with a lit candle. After Jay blew out the candle I dug into the dessert which was so indulgent yet felt so guilt-free. It was a great end to a lovely evening full of amazing food and great company.

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