Brisbane: Hatch & Co Gasworks Plaza

My overall rating: 4/5

I’m currently visiting Brisbane and have been making my way through a list of eateries that I had wanted to visit. I had been to three out of five so far and was very underwhelmed and unimpressed with what I had discovered so far which was not doing good things for my inner foodie. Monty suggested a place called Hatch & Co located in Gasworks Plaza which wasn’t far from where I was staying. I met him there Friday morning for a working breakfast just after 9am. We sat outside and although the weather wasn’t the best – it was warm enough and I could just imagine how beautiful it would have been with the sun out. The space itself is very inviting and the aesthetic is gorgeous – I love the look.

Hatch & Co has two locations – one in Gasworks Plaza which is where I ate this time and another in Garden City. During the weekend the eatery is open from 8am until late serving meals right throughout the day. Their breakfast menu is a new addition and is only available during the weekends. All other week days the eatery is open from 11.30am.

Hatch-&-Co-Gasworks-Plaza-seatingHot-Chocolate-Hatch-&-Co-Gaswork-PlazaI started my morning off with a hot chocolate as they are always my little naughty treat. I indulged while scanning the menu. I had already browsed the menu beforehand online. I do this avoid my indecisiveness so I already had an idea of what I liked. You can check out their menu here.

I’m a big sharer of food and everyone who dines with me should know that. Meals are always shared because sharing is caring and that way I get to photograph and try out more!  We chose to start with a light refreshing dish which was their season fruit, Greek yoghurt, Tasmanian honey, toasted almonds. This was the most delicious dish ever! Not only were there a variety of fruit but it tasted like a guilt free dessert. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the cherries as they had pips which to me was off-putting but otherwise all the other fruit was enjoyable. I loved the Greek yoghurt served on this dish. It didn’t have the overwhelming tartness that I find it a lot of those style yoghurts and was thick with a mousse like texture. This would be have been perfect if you’re looking for a healthy or fresh option over the summer. It won’t weigh you down but will have your belly feeling satisfied.

Stone-Fruit-Salad-Honey-Yoghurt-Cheese-Almonds-Hatch-&-Co-Gasworks-PlazaTo follow that dish we ordered their spiced baked beans, poached eggs, bacon, roast tomato and grilled sourdough. I would call this their ‘big breakfast’. It’s definitely for the hungry as we got side plates and still managed to get a decent feed for the both of us. Under the baked beans there two pieces of grilled sourdough, each topped with beans and a poached egg. I took one of these along with two streaks of bacon and the roasted tomato. I ended up trading my roasted tomato bacon with Monty in exchange for one of his bacon rashers. I’m not overly fond of tomatoes and it sounded like a fair trade to me. The more bacon the better! The eggs were cooked beautifully – the centres were runny and the whites cooked through. I did taste some of the tomato and they were gorgeously sweet. The bacon was perfectly crisp but still held moisture which had me craving more. The beans were very traditional and didn’t taste all that spiced however I did enjoy them. They didn’t made the sourdough soggy which I liked as I’m not a fan of soggy toast.


As a first impressions, I really enjoyed this eatery and will definitely be back. Their food was delicious, the service was great, the location was great. So overall it was a really nice experience. I can see this as the perfect meet up location for brunch with friends or family. I think this is my new favourite go-to place and I can’t wait to try out the rest of their food including their lunch/dinner menu!

Let me know if you’ve tried out Hatch & Co in the comments. If you haven’t, let me know your favourite eateries in Brisbane so I can check them out.



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