Bombay Sapphire’s Project Botanicals

Bombay Sapphire’s Project Botanicals Pop Up Bar & Restaurant in Auckland – a collaboration between Fine Dining Chef, Michael Meredith & Bombay Sapphire.

Jelly Tip July Creations

It’s Jelly Tip July and my favourite eateries in Auckland have made their own delicious creations.

Hubbards Hot or Cold Muesli

This new muesli makes oats fun regardless of whether it’s summer or winter you can make cold muesli or warm porridge out of the same packet!

I Love Pies – Family Feeds

I’ve paired delicious healthy sides with these home-made pies from I Love Pies, perfect for the family this winter.

I Love Pies – Meal For One

If pies are your thing these single serve pies are made with real ingredients and taste like those made with love from Grandma.

Lewis Road Creamery Whittakers Chocolate Milk

The most hyped product it’s like liquid gold and sold out everywhere. Luckily I have a recipe to recreate it at home using all the original ingredients.