My First Teeth Whitening Experience + Discount

No need for the teeth whitening filter anymore! My teeth just went 6 shades lighter in ONE session!

I had never had my teeth whitened nor seen anyone had their teeth whitened. All I had heard was that it usually was quite uncomfortable and sore. I went in for a treatment just after 5pm on Friday night with Lovely Smiles in Newmarket, Auckland and was met with JJ, the owner. JJ shared all about the Lovely Smiles business and their purpose in helping give people confidence through their smile. He explained how much the teeth whitening business had changed in the 10 years he had been in the industry and the pressure it had put on their business. It was so inspiring!

I asked about whether teeth whitening does damage to the teeth. He was very honest and said any teeth whitening treatment will damage the teeth, similar to the hair – any colour dye will damage the hair. In comparison from 10 years ago, the damage is minimal as products have improved. He also explained that he had specialised a gel formula which he had created himself and that this was less harsh on the teeth meaning there was less damage and little to no pain or discomfort so the treatment could be done for longer period of time meaning better results.

I had the Ultimate Teeth Whitening Package which is ideal if you have heavy stains or just want the best possible whitening results. It’s an exclusive 90 minute package that has 4 x 20 minute stages and it includes free top ups for 12 months! See the bottom of this blog post for a HUGE discount. 

The Experience

You’re sat in a comfy chair, reclined and with infrared glasses on to protect your eyes from the UV light. You’ll get some Paw Paw lip balm to help keep your lips moisturised and protected from the UV light. And then finally a mouth piece to put in which at first, can be slightly uncomfortable but you it won’t long before you can manage it – just remember it’s essential to helping all your teeth whiten evenly!

Now the teeth whitening can begin. You’ll get the whitening gel formula put all over your teeth and then the UV light will be placed over this as a 20 minute timer will be set. During this time, you’re still able to use your phone but your arms will get tired. I’ll recommend downloading a podcast and listening to this while you wait. You have 4 sessions (a total of 80 minutes) so there will be a lot of time you need to fill – especially if you get bored easily.

The Results

I was in awe of the results once we had finished I literally couldn’t stop smiling and taking photos of my teeth! There was another girl there at the time and we were almost in tears at how white our teeth were. It’s so crazy to see instant and dramatic results in just one treatment!

Here is the photo of the tooth swatch chart. We measured my colour before I went I started the treatment. My top front teeth and bottom front teeth were a comfortable M2 2.5 shade on the scale with the sides/corners at a M2 3 shade. I would’ve thought my colour would’ve been more around the M2 1.5 – M2 2 shades but JJ explained that your teeth do look whiter in your mouth and counteracting my olive complexion, they looked brighter.

After the treatment my teeth were whitened by 6 SHADES. My top front teeth, bottom front teeth lifted to a M1 0.5! That’s one shade from perfect and in only ONE treatment.

The Discount – Use ARI150 for 50% off

The team at Lovely Smiles have given me a code to pass onto my friends, family and followers for a HUGE discount off this service. The service usually costs $299 however with my code ARI150 you will only need to pay the $150 deposit and that is all! Usually you pay the remaining $149 on the day of your appointment however no further payment is required when you use my code.

When booking, make sure you choose the correct seat as they have both Wellington & Auckland branches. Then when you go to book, just pop your details in and the code ARI150 in the message box. You’ll then be asked to pay the deposit. The deposit will cover your full treatment for the Ultimate Whitening Package! See below for an example on how to do this.



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