Healthy Winter Ombre

Winter brings a change in season and with that an opportunity to change up my hair. During my previous visit to Auckland I was treated to a refreshing hair experience at Vada Hair Salon using their Evo Fabuloso Pro range which had revitalised my hair in just one wash. It was then I knew I wanted to return to Vada to see change up the colour.


I arrived at Vada with substantial regrowth, brassy hair and dry ends as you can see from my hair’s current state, air dried and brushed out. This was what they had to work with as a starting base.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 5.29.22 pmThe transition

I was placed in the skilful hands of Senior Art Team Stylist, Sky, whose witty banter was welcoming. I let him know my concerns about the damage caused by lightening my hair frequently. To minimise any further damage he suggested to go ombre, something I had been curious about previously and felt now was the perfect time to pursue.

Getting rid of the ‘to-the-root blonde’ maximises the health of my hair by eliminating the reoccurrence in the appearance of regrowth and therefore extending the time between visits. This results in my hair growing back healthier, stronger and softer than it was before. I was slightly concerned with the block contrast of an ombre so Sky took a balayage approach allowing a softer, natural effect. I also had concerns about my hair feeling too dark having been light for so long. Sky eased my concerns by lightening the areas framing my face along with my ends. Sky was assisted by the gorgeous Eve and it was nice to see a familiar face having experienced her quality of work on my previous visit.


The addition of lowlights and highlights created a natural sun kissed effect, giving my hair beautiful dimension. The toner used removed the majority of the warmth and buffed out the brassy colour to give my hair a much more natural ashier tone. I styled my hair in these photos with soft waves, with a bit of a curl which complements the colour nicely.

I’m surprisingly so in love with this new colour. I thought it would take a wee while to warm up to but I absolutely adore it – especially because it suits my favourite Desio Contacts in Mint Touch.

Ombre Hair Ombre Hair Colour




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