Ashley Allen Eyelash Extensions: My Review

Ashley Allen Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are the much loved, subtle way to roll out of bed with beautiful long luscious lashes without having to do a thing! Eyelash extensions have become more and more popular over the years. Ashley Allen is the top recommended among the beauty community in Auckland to get eyelash extensions and I’m not surprised – she’s been in this industry for the past 8 years!

Before vs After

My natural lashes are straight, sparse and thin. Because of this, I was weary about how my extensions would turn out. An eyelash extension expert will be able to tell you what you can and can’t have and what will work best for your lashes. Of course, I wanted the longest, thickest lashes I could get however these weren’t going to be the set that would work best for keeping my eyelashes in their best shape.

I got the Custom Blend set which included 3-6 different lengths and 2 different widths and also included clusters. This worked perfect for me as longer lashes were p;aced in the center for a more natural effect and to open my eyes and the clusters helped to make them look full and thick. The eyelash extensions themselves are glued individually to each eyelash approximately 1mm from the eyelid so neither the glue nor the lash has contact with the skin. These are attached using semi-perment glue and the clusters are attached using normal Duo glue which means you should avoid water. Best of all, once the clusters come off you’re still left with a full set of eyelash extensions.

I was so happy with the transformation of my eyelashes. Not only were they longer but Ashley used a specific type of lash that had a beautiful curl so my natural straight lashes were now effortlessly curled! Plus my lashes were full and long but looked naturally beautiful.

My top tips to making your eyelashes last

  • Avoid contact with water for clusters. Use a cotton tip when removing makeup around the eye area.
  • Cover the lash area when applying eyeshadow to avoid fallout sticking to the clusters.
  • Limit contact with oil cleansers or makeup as these will shorten the life the eyelash extensions.
  • Invest in Revitalash serum! It’s the best working eyelash growth serum I’ve ever tried and is perfect for when you’re wearing eyelash extensions. It will help with the growth and strength of your natural eyelashes which will mean less damage!
  • Don’t sit in a sauna or have a hot steamy shower until at least 48 hours after your appointment to avoid the glue coming off.
  • Do not pick at your eyelash extensions or try to remove them yourself. Because they are attached individually to each lash, you could risk damaging your actual eyelash!

I went back to Ashley Allen religiously after visiting her Parnell store. It was hard to resist when I was living in the next suburb over. See some of my other lashes below.



Ashley Allen Eyelash Extensions Parnell

Ashley Allen Eyelash Extensions
317 Parnell Road, Shop 3
Parnell, Auckland
+64 9 838 2240



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